The Magic of 1031 Compounding.

The true power of a 1031 exchange is the ability to meet your investment objectives without losing equity to taxation. With more money, you’ll compound returns faster, generating wealth that appears almost unbelievable to you today.

This table demonstrates the impact of taxes on compounding. The same transactions, the same returns each time (50% return on equity). The only difference between the middle column and the right column is deciding to 1031 versus not. At the end, after 20 transactions, 1031s net you $292 million more. This is the power of tax-free compounding. This is the magic of 1031s.

50% Gain Each Transaction
1031S, Compounding Tax Free
No 1031S, Taxed Each Time At 30%
Starting Equity
Transaction 1
Transaction 2
Transaction 3
Transaction 4
Transaction 5
Transaction 6
Transaction 7
Transaction 8
Transaction 9
Transaction 10
Transaction 11
Transaction 12
Transaction 13
Transaction 14
Transaction 15
Transaction 16
Transaction 17
Transaction 18
Transaction 19
Transaction 20

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