The 1031 Specialist Standard

In the under-regulated world of Qualified Intermediaries, we acknowledge that we are ultimately responsible for the safety of our clients’ money, the quality of our service, and the reputation of our industry. We are committed to this Standard and so are each of our amazing employees.

Protection of Every Penny

Client funds are always protected. A segregated, FDIC insured trust account is set up for each client at a systemically important financial institution. Money is never commingled, and clients can view their account balance at any time.

Gold Standard Fraud Prevention

We follow enhanced wire fraud and identity theft prevention protocols. For any funds requested to be moved from a client’s segregated, FDIC insured trust account, a client must first provide written authorization to their transaction manager. Next, a phone call is made to verify the client’s instructions. Two 1031 Specialists must then provide written authorization to execute those instructions. Once approved, client funds are released.

Transparency at Every Step

Our clients receive transparency at each stage of the transaction lifecycle: from engagement to close. Everything we do is open book – from the fees we charge to our internal controls to our insurance policies to our communications with clients. There are no secrets between us – just an aligned team pushing together to get your exchange done right, on time, every time.

Our Audit Promise

Unlike others, we include protections in the unlikely event of an audit by fully defending our work and the validity of each exchange.

3-Way Security

A three-way agreement between us, a client, and the financial institution that holds client money adds a final layer of security, ensuring optimum protection of exchange funds.

This is how we operate. Every client. Every exchange.

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