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1031 exchanges are the cheat code to building wealth.
1031 Specialists help real estate owners swap one investment property for another to defer taxes and grow rich.

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Experience trusted by savvy investors

1031 exchange rules are complex and nuanced. A single mistake can cost you hundreds of thousands - and even millions - of dollars. We are the 1031 Specialists trusted by sophisticated investors and family offices to get it right, every time.



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Our process is fast, friendly and simple

You determine which properties to buy and sell. We handle the rest.

Our process, from signing out agreement to all the steps afterwards.

Our interests are always 100% aligned

We charge a simple, straightforward fee depending on the type of exchange you are doing. We are so confident in our specialized approach that our services are offered with a "pay us when you close" guarantee – if you decide not to go through with your exchange for any reason, you’ll get your money back.

Reverse Exchange

Buy a replacement property first, sell your existing property second.


Exchange accommodation titleholder creation

Unlimited tax optimization consulting

Audit protection

Attorney guarantee

Standard Exchange

The most common type of exchange: Sell your existing property first, buy a replacement property second.


Unlimited tax optimization consulting

Audit protection

Attorney guarantee

Improvement Exchange

Improve or develop your replacement property with exchange equity.


Exchange accommodation titleholder creation

Unlimited tax optimization consulting

Audit protection

Attorney guarantee

There are no “gotchas” and no hidden fees. Clients pay us at the close of the first transaction.

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Domain expertise in every single state

A certain breadth and depth of knowledge is required to be a great Qualified Intermediary. Clients hire us because we can facilitate 1031 exchange transactions no matter how complex and no matter where in the country a client is buying and selling property.

All 50 states, - 384 MSAs

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When time is of the essence, be like Jim.

I was under contract faster than expected, scrambling to find a Qualified Intermediary that could deliver the impossible: good, fast and cheap. 1031 Specialists wasn’t just good – they were great. They exceeded all my expectations, delivering a fast, transparent, and error-free exchange transaction. Highly – and in the strongest possible sense – recommend!

- Jim Dugan, Happy Client

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Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and your wants and needs are what inspire us to be our best each and every day. We are committed to acting in the best interest of our clients – so much so that we developed the industry’s most robust fiduciary standard, the 1031 Specialist Standard. Learn more about it here.

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